The YouFly

The YouFly is a revolution in airborne mobility; a compact, safe and  agile airborne device capable of high altitudes.
It creates a space between the ground bound hovercraft and the helicopter.

Capable of high rates of acceleration, in both cornering, banking and braking, it is designed to usher in a new generation of recreational vehicle capable of delivering fun over all types of terrain. It can provide previously unprecedented access to rock strewn rivers, swamplands and sea and sand combinations.

Unique Technology

No single competitive technology has yet been identified that can provide the range of features our technology can deliver in one product. Entecho technology is incorporated into a new generation recreational, flying craft; the YouFly. The Youfly is ideally suited to those people who want the thrill of a motorized airborne sports vehicle over any surface - the YouFly takes the sport of jet-skiing and snowmobiling to a new level. The key elements of this craft include:

- Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) capability;
- Hovering Ability – a stable airborne platform in wind gusts;
- Safe – energy-absorbing safety cell;
- Ease of Use – intuitive controls minimize operator training;
- Environmental Friendliness – electrically powered;
- Low Noise Emission and TakeOff/Landing Signature

Kim Schlunke: Managing Director, Entecho

"The training of our final year students is especially benefited through the joint collaboration with entecho supervisors."

Professor Jie Pan
School of Mechanical Engineering
University of Western Australia (UWA)

“YouFly is the next step forward from a regular hovercraft because of its ability to fly along any surface and the ability to ‘jump’ over a fence or car”

Ken Seeber
Company Director
Strike Products.

“We are engaged to benchmark the performance of the YouFly. The quality of the data we have received so far is impressive”

Andrew Moore Engineering Manager Aeronautical Engineers Australia.

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These Limited Edition craft will be the first YouFlys produced and only 120 units will be available worldwide. Buy your Limited Edition craft today, then you have the exclusive advantage of being one of the first in the world to own a YouFly.

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