The YouFly

“An affordable, true all terrain, environmentally friendly flying vehicle that is designed for FUN”

Entecho canvassed the recreational consumer products industry and it was clear that an airborne product would be next-generation of motorized recreational craft provided that environmental issues, such as noise and terrain damage, were minimal. There was strong agreement that the product should not be constrained to close ground effect like the hovercraft. There was also strong agreement that the emerging definition for ‘fun’ was an acceleration of approximately 1G on the body of the rider or pilot. Entecho believes that it has designed these industry-sensitive qualities into the YouFly and therefore has initiated a game-changing product in the motorized consumer products market.

The YouFly sensation

"Imagine! At the flick of your wrist to fly forward, backward or in any direction you please. Pulling up at 1G to avoid rocks, trees and walls. Sweeping through seat hugging 1G turns. Navigating any terrain: wilderness, rivers, lakes, snow, desert, swamp, ocean and lagoon. True freedom in the 3rd dimension."


"We think ahead,
We want to shape the future,
That's why we have created the YouFly"

Important questions

Where can I fly my new YouFly?


Regulations do not currently exist for this product because of its unique operational envelope. Initial discussions with regulators indicate that existing regulations for recreational vehicles (such as powered hang gliders, jet skis, snow mobiles, hovercraft etc) would be a useful guideline as to how this product would be regulated.

Why should I buy options and not just wait for the finished YouFly?

It is only possible to buy a YouFly if you have purchased options in advance. The purchase of an option will guarantee the option-holder a ‘place in the queue’ of buyers and thereby ensure we are able to meet demand and deliver your YouFly in the most productive and cost-efficient way.


Do I need to be a pilot to drive the YouFly?

You do NOT need a pilots licence. It is fully electronically controlled by a fly by wire system that makes it very user friendly and intuitive. A very realistic simulator with the craft's controls and a large computer screen will be used to ensure at least 3 flights have been achieved by the customer without incident before he is allowed to fly.

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Status now

Our current schedule is to complete static testing and unmanned flight testing through the middle of 2013. Manned flight testing and our Design and Production Validation program will then commence. The YouFly S series is intended to be available for sale in the international market in the middle of 2015.

Kim Schlunke
Kim SchlunkeDirector, Entecho

More about the YouFly:


These Limited Edition craft will be the first YouFlys produced and only 120 units will be available worldwide. Buy your Limited Edition craft today, then you have the exclusive advantage of being one of the first in the world to own a YouFly.